Zin / Phantoms: Showdown Press Conference—Pics and Notes courtesy of Haitianbeatz.com

Both Zin and Phantoms have stated that they are ready for the upcoming showdown on April 4th to take place at Amazura Concert Hall in Jamaica, NY.

Under the leadership of Venus International Productions and the guidance BE Relations, the actors that would take center stage at Amazura on April 4th were presented at a Press Conference at Tonel Lounge in Brooklyn. Zin and Phantoms’ musicians answered questions in term of what this upcoming event meant to them and what they are planning to present at that event…”this is not an ordinary event, for those of you who’ve been to Amazura before, I promised to you that you are not going to recognize it when you get there on the 4th” stated King Kino with a bragging tone…”this will be a different Zin, a more mature Zin, better prepared this time for this showdown with Phantoms, Zin fans won’t be disappointed this time around” continued Alex Abellard of Zin.

With the hosting mic at the hands of Zagalo and Vaval, the media had the opportunity to ask questions to the main characters, including whether Zin and Phantoms are planning on releasing future albums. To that question, King Kino surprised everyone by stating that Zin and Phantoms will release an album together, where both bands would be on the album with different flavors.

The event set up what is to be one of the premiere event thus far for 2015. The last time those 2 bands performed as a combination was in 1993, now 22 years later they have decided to do it again, with much convincing from Richard Urbain of Venus International Productions. To those who missed that event 22 years ago, this is your chance to see what those 2 bands meant for the new generations in the 90’s, and for those who had the privilege of attending the first one, there is no need to convince you that you cannot afford to miss the repeat.

It was a great and well planned Press Conference, kudos to Venus International and Cheyna Pierre of BE Relations.

Thanks to our member Lakay for the pics.


Posted on March 15, 2015 in News

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